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Why Choose Our Consulting?

Experience and Knowledge

Our principals and consultants have over 60 years collective experience. Our clients include small, mid and top tier legal firms, accounting firms and actuarial firms throughout Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. 


We provide fiercely independent advice. Unlike our competitors, we do not partner with hardware or software vendors or receive commissions.


All of our consultants are qualified accountants with Information and Technology Systems expertise, who focus on the financial business processes and technology.


Imagine Report Factory as both your skilled and experienced Finance Team combined with your IT Team. We know the Finance Team doesn’t get the IT guys and IT doesn’t get Finance. We get both. We help smooth the language and understanding.


Our success is 100% linked to your project’s success. We focus on the success of a project’s practical application, the “value add” after a project’s completion. Most importantly, we value the feedback we receive from each project’s successes and shortcomings.


We uphold the integrity of your data and protect the confidentiality of information that we are exposed to.

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