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Data Plumbing

Data quality, integration and speed are super important. We call it data plumbing. One source of the truth, non-human transaction integration, high reliability and timeliness.

Any firm, particularly in their financial operations team, that manually and repetitively processes transactions, data analysis and reports is ripe for a data plumbing project.

To be clear, transactions really should have a single and single touch source. Once the transaction exists, the systems should be dealing with it not the humans.

Making this work requires intelligent, scalable and rapidly deployable data integration. This (or these) integration(s) need to exhibit high quality, high reliability (both in data quality terms and technical reliability) and high performance. A failure in any of these will dramatically compromise the value of this plumbing.

So why do we call integration plumbing? It shouldn't really be seen, it should efficiently deal with the issues it's designed to deal with. If it backs-up or fails... well, you get the picture.

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