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Upgrades and Implementations

Installing and testing upgrades to Aderant PMS implementations can be daunting and difficult. Report Factory's consultants are "experts" in Expert installations and upgrades, conducting the same for some very large firms in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

The issue with installation and upgrades of PMS environment is that it's really part IT technical, part Finance and part training. Report Factory's consultants are skilled and qualified in all three, making them a good choice for the delivery of these projects.

Patches and upgrades keep coming thick and fast, and you really need to pick the right wait time and deployment time to get maximum benefit and minimum risk. Given the number of clients that Report Factory perform upgrades for (all with differing feature and risk appetites), we can help you understand what other firms experiences have been on the upgrades and patches you're facing, with a view to picking a suitable window for your firm.

Report Factory provide guided test plans, and even run testing workshops online with your staff, to make things easier.

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